Wireless temperature and vibration sensor

Product model:

Wireless temperature and vibration sensor

Product model:
Wireless temperature and vibration sensor-product details

At present, industrial motor, fan, air compressor, stamping machine, water pump, numerical control machine tool, engineering machinery and other equipment are widely used in coal, electric power, chemical and mechanical manufacturing industries. Due to manual spot inspection, the staff can not monitor the equipment operation data for a long time in the harsh environment of noise, dust and strong interference, and the equipment is damaged due to bearing wear and imbalance Unable to be found in time, resulting in frequent mechanical failures, resulting in unexpected production stoppage, thus bringing huge losses to enterprises.
Jinan Jiahong Technology Co., Ltd. uses the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, relying on multi-dimensional information collection and accurate sensor detection technology, develops an intelligent monitoring and diagnosis system for equipment. The system is composed of software platform, gateway and sensor, which integrates feature collection, monitoring, intelligent early warning, intelligent diagnosis, model training and data visualization.
As the core equipment of the whole intelligent monitoring and diagnosis system, the sensor adopts wireless communication mode, integrates temperature acquisition and three-axis vibration monitoring, and has the functions of waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof.
(1) Set temperature and 3-axis acceleration, velocity and displacement vibration signal detection
Measure in one.
(2) Built in FFT spectrum analysis, low power design.
(3) Easy to install, can be fixed by stud, magnetic suction or adhesive
Set at the measured position.
(4) It is suitable for damp, dust, strong interference and other complex industrial sites.

Wireless temperature and vibration sensor-technical parameter

Equipment condition comprehensive monitoring and health assessment
The system can comprehensively monitor the operation status of equipment, comprehensively analyze the operating parameters of various components of different equipment, and obtain the health status of equipment based on big data and multi parameter fusion analysis technology, so as to avoid false alarm caused by single equipment monitoring information
Equipment failure prediction and whole production cycle management
The system records the operation parameter information of the equipment, carries out intelligent analysis of big data, and intelligently evaluates the safety and reliability of equipment operation and component loss. Provide scientific management basis for reasonable maintenance of equipment. At the same time, the early warning before the failure effectively ensures the production and safety.
Fault qualitative, quantitative and positioning diagnosis
The system analyzes the fault characteristic frequency in real time, automatically identifies the fault type, severity, location and other information, displays and uploads the diagnosis and analysis results on site, realizes the accurate positioning of typical equipment faults, gets rid of the dependence of equipment fault analysis and diagnosis on professional and technical personnel, improves maintenance efficiency, saves maintenance costs, and realizes staff reduction and efficiency increase.
Remote diagnosis cloud platform
The cloud data storage function is used to automatically upload real-time data to the cloud platform (the client needs to open the interface), so as to solve the problems of the equipment remotely.
As the gateway of the Internet of things with industrial Internet function, it also has 4G and Ethernet communication. The product adopts high-performance industrial 32-bit communication processor and industrial wireless module, and uses embedded real-time operating system as software support platform to realize the transmission of wireless temperature and vibration sensor data in various ways.

Wireless temperature and vibration sensor-Customer case
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