Mining electro hydraulic automatic damper

Product model:

Mining electro hydraulic automatic damper

Product model:
Mining electro hydraulic automatic damper-product details

Product introduction
Mining electro-hydraulic automatic air door is mainly used in the connecting roadway between the mine underground air inlet and return roadway and the main inlet and return air roadway. It breaks the long-standing structure of the traditional damper, and skillfully transforms the wind pressure acting on the damper into an internal force through the balance structure. The electro-hydraulic automatic air door has the functions of automatic opening and closing, electric control locking, in place detection, sound and light alarm, anti pinch of people and anti vehicle. The air door has the advantages of unique structure, simple use, safe and reliable, small opening force, etc., which is the substitute of traditional damper.
Product features
1) The switch of air door is realized by driving device (such as hydraulic cylinder and reducer). No additional facilities are needed. The driving device is installed on the door body, which does not occupy the use space of the roadway. The installation is simple and the opening and closing is stable. The function of safety, convenience and automaticity is achieved. In particular, the hydraulic drive damper has larger thrust, which can meet the control requirements of large-scale and heavy-duty damper.
2) Under the fully automatic control state, the damper operates automatically without manual opening, which is convenient and practical.
3) PLC control is adopted to realize the whole automatic control of air door, which can effectively reduce labor intensity, enhance safety function and improve work efficiency.
4) The two air doors are locked with each other, only one can be opened at the same time, and the closing priority is to avoid short circuit operation of the ventilation system.
5) In case of power failure, the air door can be opened and closed manually, and the device will reset automatically after power recovery (if the damper is open at this time, the system will close the damper automatically).
6) There are two kinds of sound and light alarm modes, which can send out sound and light alarm signals. There are anti pinch device and anti pinch device to improve the safety of system operation.
7) System control and data communication: the main control system adopts PLC with communication interface.
8) The electric control system has over-current, overload, over-voltage, three-phase imbalance, leakage protection.

Mining electro hydraulic automatic damper-technical parameter

1) 风门开启形式:异向同步开闭。  

2) 门扇开启角度:≥90 度。  

3) 密封方式:门扇与门扇之间加装 T 型结构原生阻燃硅胶密封垫,双向密封,密封性能良好;门 扇与门框之间加装原生阻燃硅胶密封板,保证风门开关灵活的前提下,密封可靠。  

4) 防腐及表面处理:门框、门扇采用全钢结构,焊接完成后表面经喷砂处理,喷涂国内知名品牌 油漆,具有超强的防腐、防潮、阻燃能力。  

5) 驱动方式为液压油缸(气缸、电动装置)直接驱动。防爆电机、油管、油缸、防爆电磁阀及气缸等选用国内行业知名企业产品,确保动力系统工作的可靠性、稳定性。  

6) 承受压力:整套自动风门全钢结构,焊接设备先进、工艺优良,确保风门在主巷道高风压的工 况条件下不变形,开关灵活可靠,密封性能良好。  

7) 根据现场风压大小方便调整系统压力,控制油缸(气缸)推动力,确保风门开启关闭速度适中。  

8) 闭锁方式:电气闭锁,防爆液压(气压)阀保压。控制主机 PLC 中含有闭锁程序的同时管路 装有可控调压锁,保证系统运行过程中,两道风门不能同时打开。  

9) 隔爆电机额定电压:AC380/660/1140V,功率 2.2-7.5KW。  

10) 电压波动范围:标称值的 75%~110%。  

11) 语音提示输出:声响度≥85 dB。  

12) 信号灯灯光强度:100m 处可见。  

13) 红外线检测距离:≥10 米。  

14) 风门状态传感器检测距离:0-8mm。  

15) 控制箱防爆类型:矿用隔爆兼本质安全型。  

16) 控制箱防爆标志:Exd[ib]Ⅰ。  

17) 防爆电磁阀:电压 DC24V,功率 5W。  

18) 声光报警器、防爆控制箱输入电压 AC127V。 

Mining electro hydraulic automatic damper-Customer case
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