Bamboo plywood non pressure damper

Product model:

Bamboo plywood non pressure damper

Product model:
Bamboo plywood non pressure damper-product details

Product introduction
The bamboo plywood damper produced by Jinan Jiahong company adopts high-strength flame-retardant coated bamboo plywood. This kind of board is made of high-quality fresh bamboo which has been naturally grown for four to six years. After high-temperature cooking, high-pressure carbonization, constant temperature drying, complete sugar removal, full carbonization, insecticidal and sterilization, the bamboo fine milling pieces are scientifically superimposed, and the environmental protection glue is used to synthesize boards of different specifications under high temperature and high pressure The products not only retain the high density, toughness, strength and other excellent characteristics of bamboo, but also maintain the natural texture of bamboo, fresh and elegant, beautiful and comfortable. Its environmental protection index reaches the E1 standard for export to Europe.
Bamboo plywood non pressure air door has the characteristics of high strength, strong wind resistance, not easy to deform, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, flame retardant, long service life (4-6 times of wood door life), lighter than steel door, low cost, convenient installation and disassembly. Its reasonable design, beautiful appearance, advanced production technology, stable product quality, complete specifications, can be designed according to the actual needs of users. Bamboo damper is not only the necessary facilities for the safety operation of the majority of coal mines, but also the choice to improve economic benefits.
Product features
1. The tensile strength is 2-25 times of that of wood, and the compressive strength is 1.5-2 times of that of wood. It has high strength, strong toughness, no deformation and good sealing property.
2. After high temperature, high pressure and water heat treatment in production, it not only has good sealing property, high water resistance, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, but also prevents moth and mildew.
3. After multi-stage processing and production, the standard set, beautiful and generous, easy to use, high safety factor.
4. Bamboo plywood board has wide width, no seam, flat and smooth board surface, no glue opening in case of high temperature board, low noise, impact resistance, board can be used on both sides, high turnover rate and long service life.

Bamboo plywood non pressure damper-technical parameter

1. Door frame: steel door frame or bamboo plywood door frame can be selected. Bamboo plywood door frame is made of three layers of bamboo plywood, and four layers of bamboo plywood are used for larger air door frame.
2. Door leaf: the door leaf of bamboo plywood damper is a single-layer bamboo plywood with the thickness of 25-30mm. Double layer bamboo plywood can also be used for bonding in case of special requirements of the mine.
3. Connecting rod device: the connecting rod device of bamboo plywood damper adopts steel connecting rod, which is fixed on the door leaf with bolts.
4. Locking device: according to different control modes, the locking device is consistent with the steel damper.

Bamboo plywood non pressure damper-Customer case
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