Explosion proof door of shaft

Product model:

Explosion proof door of shaft

Product model:
Explosion proof door of shaft-product details

Product introduction
Mfbl shaft explosion-proof door is used in the mine. When the vertical shaft extraction ventilation is adopted, the shaft explosion-proof door is set on the lock plate of the air shaft. It is an important safety device for protecting the ventilator. Under normal conditions, the explosion-proof door of vertical shaft is freely placed on the lock plate of air shaft. When the gas or coal dust explosion accident occurs, the high-pressure airflow opens the explosion-proof door to reduce the air flow pressure and protect the fan from damage. When it is necessary to return air, carry the air pressure plate and press the explosion-proof door to return the air in time.
Product features
1) The main parameters to be determined are diameter and negative pressure. The diameter, as the name implies, is the size of the wellhead. The negative pressure mainly consists of more than 3000 and more than 4000
2) The explosion-proof door of the vertical shaft is normally closed in normal working state, and there is negative pressure in the shaft.
3) The door body is made of cold-rolled steel plate, which is composed of explosion-proof cover, counter air device and counterweight. The weight of assorted seeds is generally 1.2 times of that of explosion-proof cover. The explosion-proof cover is made of 3-6 thick cold-rolled steel plates, and the counterweight includes counterweight bracket, counterweight, steel wire rope and its accessories. The door is very heavy.
4) By adjusting the size of the counterweight, the pressure of the explosion-proof cover can be adjusted. When the fan stops running, the explosion-proof cover can automatically rise, and the air flow overflows from the shaft; by reducing the size of the counterweight, the explosion-proof cover can fall automatically.
5) The explosion-proof cover is sealed by sealing groove, which can be filled with oil or water (water can not be filled in cold and frozen areas in North China)
6) In the mine, it is required to do a reverse wind test once a year to check whether the explosion-proof doors of vertical and inclined shafts work, and the reverse air device is used in the installation and commissioning of explosion-proof cover.

Explosion proof door of shaft-technical parameter

The composition of explosion-proof door of vertical air shaft: explosion-proof cover, return air device, heavy hammer device, etc.
1. The explosion-proof cover adopts conical structure, which is connected by four parts. Each part is formed by welding steel plate and angle steel.
2. The return air device is pressure plate type.
3. The heavy hammer device is composed of a heavy hammer frame, a pulley and a counterweight.
4. The sealing method is steel plate welding outer ring plate fixation, δ 15 rubber plate sealing.


Explosion proof door of shaft-Customer case
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