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Talent recruitment
Mechanical process engineer
Pay level: 8k-12k Number of recruiters: 2 Workplace: jinan hands-on background: 3-5 years
Job description

1. Responsible for the preparation, maintenance and problem handling of process technical documents for assembly, transportation, hoisting and operation and maintenance of new R & D units;
2. Be responsible for handling and technical support of major difficult and urgent problems related to the process of assembly, transportation, hoisting and operation and maintenance;
3. Participate in the process inspection and technical training of production base and hoisting site;
4. Participate in the design review of relevant special tooling, and be responsible for the process technology audit of relevant drawings;
5. Other temporary work assigned by the leader.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical engineering, mechanical design and automation, material forming;
2. More than 2 or 3 years working experience in wind power industry, familiar with mechanical product assembly process, proficient in the application of Solidworks, AutoCAD and other design software;
3. Understand the mechanical design, manufacturing, installation process, familiar with large equipment installation, lifting operation process, understand the basic knowledge of electricity, gas, liquid, automation, etc;
4. Strong analytical ability and logical thinking ability, good language expression ability, independent judgment ability.